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Schools are also able to come and join us for the day! Activity days at Oakwood Youth Challenge are a great end of year treat or team building day. We can tailor a day of adventure activities to each group with 4 or 5 activities taking place.

Outdoor Activities can be of enormous benefit to the children who take part. They can often lead to improved self confidence and motivation and also help the children to improve their interactions with others especially in stressful situations. Many teachers remark on the value of being able to see their pupils operating in an environment outside of the classroom.

All of our activities are run by qualified Instructors and are designed to challenge children and improve their skills, as well as enable them to achieve success and encourage their peers. For more information about the activities we run please visit our Activities page.

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Sample activity day program: 9.30am-3pm

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
9:30-10:45 High Ropes Rock Climbing Mountain boarding
10:45-12 Crate Stacking High Ropes Rock Climbing
12-12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch
12:30-1:45 Mountain boarding Crate stacking High Ropes
1:45-3 Rock Climbing Mountain boarding Crate Stacking

Sample activity day program: 9.30am-4pm

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
9:30-10:30 Archery Crate Stacking High Ropes
10:30-11:30 High Ropes Archery Crate Stacking
12-12:30 Crate Stacking High Ropes Archery
12:30-1 Lunch Lunch Lunch
1-2 Mountain boarding Low Ropes Leap Of Faith
2-3 Leap Of Faith Mountain boarding Low Ropes
3-4 Low Ropes Leap Of Faith Mountain boarding

Schools activity days/Educational activity (VAT exempt) prices:

Times Weekday before 5pm
1 hour session £12
2 hour session £20
3 hour session £26
Schools Activity Day 9.30am-3pm £35
Full Activity Day 9.30am-4pm £40

It has been fantastic to have the opportunity to see a different side to our pupils as they were challenged both physically and mentally’ by the activities at Oakwood

Year 7 Tutor

What's Included

  • Our Schools Activity Day package includes 4 to 5 activities of your choice to fit into the length of your school day
  • Our Activity Mornings are also available with 2 to 3 activities of your choice

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