What is Oakwood about?

Challenge is part of what we do at Oakwood; so that we can help those who come through our doors to move forward and upward.

We believe that everyone should have a mountain to climb, a challenge to meet, a goal to aim for. While striving for these things people will experience good and bad times and have to take some risks.

We aim to provide people with the skills that they need to meet these challenges, face the risks and ultimately succeed.

Oakwood Youth Challenge is a Christian charity that aims to provide physical, social and spiritual challenges to those who visit us. Our primary focus is local youth aged between 8-18 and we have strong links with local schools, church youth groups and district councils.

All our activities are run by qualified staff and all activities can be run on-site. Any specialist equipment needed for an activity is provided by Oakwood you only need to bring sensible clothes and an adventurous spirit.

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