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Pupil Premium Courses are a great way to give extra support to small groups of pupils such as those with low self confidence, those with behavioural issues and also those at risk of isolation or exclusion. They allow us to work with your staff in helping children to grow in confidence, improve their interaction with others and realise more of their potential.

The course consists of a series of sessions which can be booked during or after the school day. Often schools will book a course to run for half of a school term. You can either specify which activities you would like your pupils to take part in, or we can develop a program for you which we feel will suit your group.

Outdoor Activities can be of enormous benefit to the children who take part. Many teachers who have brought their students to Oakwood for a series of sessions have seen a marked improvement in various areas of their school lives.

Please call us for a list of our activity session prices.

Case Study

A program for ‘at risk’ children in local primary schools was run. 12 children from 13 schools (total of 156 children) were selected to attend Oakwood for 6 sessions. The follow-up questionnaire carried out by the local authority showed exceptional results from the program. It was considered the most successful project they had carried out to date.

Results of questionnaire:

71% improvement in Self-esteem

64% greater confidence

65% better interaction with peers

42% seemed happier in school

33% had better relationships with teaching staff.

65% have since joined an after-school club.