'The earth and everything in it belongs to God' Psalm 24:1

As a Christian Centre Oakwood is staffed by Christians and through our work we try to serve and glorify God and show his love to those who visit the centre so that they too may come to know of his grace and mercy. We want to provide you with facilities that will enable you to run whatever program you feel would help to grow people in faith and continue to build your church community. Whether that is through outdoor activities or your own program, a residential or a one day event we we want to serve you in the best possible way for you.

Previously we have welcomed youth groups, church retreats, summer camps and conferences to Oakwood. We have a wide range of facilities on offer. As well as over 12 outdoor activities, based both on and off site, we also have high quality residential facilities for up to 60 people with both catered and self-catered options. The Octogan, is our conference/meeting space and is equipped with wifi, PA and AV equipment and can seat up to 150 people. We also have two football pitches and plenty of space for wide games.

So whatever you are looking for, give us a ring or send us an email, and we will come up with a package that is right for your group.

‘We had a great stay!!! We particularly liked being able to have the mix of our  own events as well as the Oakwood activities.’